January 6, 2016



DowAksa is a large-scale, full-service, fully integrated provider of carbon fiber solutions for industrial applications in today’s transportation, infrastructure and energy markets. Solutions that improve performance while reducing overall costs.
Very strong and lightweight, carbon-fiber-based materials are used in a variety of applications where weight savings, emissions reduction, durability and energy efficiency are key performance factors.
By bringing together Dow’s materials science expertise with Aksa’s acrylic fiber capacity, DowAksa has the capacity and the commitment to reliably meet the unique demands of industrial carbon fiber customers.



M&A Dieterle developed an innovative, compact and flexible machine for on demand textile-based UD-material manufacturing, under the name of Flexible UD-Tailor-Device (flex UD-TD). The adaptable machine enables the user to manufacture: Spreaded tow, Powdered tow, Thin ply sheets (starting at 50 gsm), UD-Tape, TowPreg..The modular machine can be configured to fit the customers’ requirements for material production. It is ideal for prototype & small series production and for research on fiber reinforced materials. The machine is a versatile tool, initial raw materials (fibre / matrix) can vary, fibre volume content and areal weight can be tuned as well as the dimension of material produced. Thermoplastic as well as thermoset composites can be fabricated.


UHT is a professional high grade PAN carbon fiber manufacturer with an exclusive patented technology for providing High Modulus/High Strenght carbon fiber and thermoplastic material. UHT also supply turnkey production lines for the production of M/HM (Medium/High Modulus) carbon fiber according a patented technology.


Founded in 1956 Off. di Bulgaro provides on design solutions for carbon fiber and technical fiber weaving and converting and advanced textiles trainings.
Their unique carbon fiber weaving lines are the most appreciated tools in High Quality carbon fabrics production..
They design and produce also spreaded carbon tow weaving machines to match the newest trends in carbon fabric innovations.


AEROFORM France is a leader in designing, manufacturing (100% in France) and installing quality Process Equipments for the Composites industry.
They are specialized in Composite Repair Equipments and devices such as Hot Bonders, Heater Mat, IR Lamps, Tool Kits, Accessories.
The equipments are qualified by Major Aircraft Manufacturers (SRM), Airlines and MRO’s.
They provide some Composite Repair Training also with EASA part 145 certificated
AEROFORM France is a member of Aerospace Cluster in Rhone- Alpes (France) and Sampe Europe.


Introducing DolphiCam. Ultrasound NDT camera system for composite materials.
With its unique 2D matrix ultrasound transducer technology, the DolphiCam creates high-resolution images of suspected damage areas in CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics), helping even non-experts to perform NDT/NDI inspections.



Thanks to strict cooperation with highly qualified partners, BlackSun Partners can match your needs of manufacturing technology.

Carbon fiber converting, robot and composites manufacturing: Prepreg lines, Towpreg lines, 3D filament winding lines, ATP (Automatic Tape layer) for linear and shaped parts, AFP (Automatic Fiber Placement), robot assisted manufacturing, RTM system, Compacting presses, Induction Welding for Thermosets resin based parts, Slitting lines.

Automation: automatic assembling tables, Rotary synchronous assemble systems, Integrated assembly and testing lines. Best references in Automotive Tier 1.

Laminating Technologies: Rewinding lines with automatic changeover system for small, standard or jumbo rolls; Unwinding units with or w/o automatic changeover; Tension control systems; Calender with ultrasonic, thermobonding or hot melt systems; Spooling and de-spooling lines.

Personal Care: Manufacturing lines for baby & adult diaper, panty shields, sanitary napkins, bed underpads, gloves & headrest; packaging solutions, stackings, automatic handling.