July 12, 2016

About Us


After a BA degree in Bocconi University Milano I run my career having managerial roles in strategic purchasing, sales and marketing; in multinational manufacturing companies, operating worldwide, in diversified markets and applications, from aerospace to marine, from automotive to defence, from industry to sporting goods, from civil engineering to green energy and so on. Just to mention: Ford Motor Corp., LuVe Group SpA, Vaillant GmbH, Fontana Group, Nardi Personal Group, Lechler Group, and as last Seal Spa, currently CIT- Toray Group.


ABOUT BlackSun Partners:

Due to the long term experience and the huge business network, the Company is from the beginning a reference for the Composites market. 2009/July established as raw material suppliers and business consulting company for the Advanced Composites and Defence markets 2011 Technical consulting, equipment and technology supply are added to business offer 2012 Following customer’s requests, start up support and marketing services are also offered 2015 Supply Chain management and Logistics support become part of the services, the organization grows and becomes international. 2016 M&A advice services is added to support the strong demand in investment from EU and not EU Corporation and Investment funds, private equity and venture capital.



The name comes from three clear concepts. Black, the color of carbon fiber. Sun is energetic, vital, positive, effective..like our attitude. Partners are the customers, the suppliers, the people we work with.


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Adalberto Horak